Pros and Cons of Living in Mountain Home, Idaho Part 1

Hi, I’m Randy with NextHome Treasure Valley. Today we’re going to check out The Pros and Cons of Living in Mountain Home, Idaho Part One


The first pro would be that people here are friendly. You can’t go into Walmart without talking to people for quite a while. I mean, everywhere you go, people are trying to help you out. It’s pretty cool!


The con of that is people are friendly. And what I mean by that is sometimes you want to run into a store, and not talk for an hour, or feel like you’re rude by not taking the time to talk to people. If you’re ever at a stop sign, people are friendly there too in the wrong way. Like, they will sit there forever, just waving you on. So, I mean, you just have to go. Right? You can sit there and be friendly with them and wave them on, but eventually, one of you will have to move, it’s probably not going to be them. 


The second is we have the Community Canvas! I had the honor, with my partner Kim, we shot a documentary, and we were able to shoot video of the first year. If you’re familiar with Boise’s freak alley, it’s very similar. It’s an ongoing thing, though, and they’re just really doing a great job with the Community Canvases. It’s the third or fourth year, and it’s cool to see how it progresses through the years and keeps going.


The Con would be the speed limit is super slow in Mountain Home. I just recently visited California, and luckily I knew what to expect this time. I grew up there, but it’s been a while. Going back to California, you have to go! You have to go! You live in Mountain Home long enough, and some of that dies inside you. And it takes a while. Because our speed limit going through the town is 25 miles per hour, sometimes it’s hard to even coast at 25. It’s rough—35 on the outskirts of town. There’s a road; it’s a country road here that used to be 45 or 55. They even made that down to 35, and you’re out in the middle of nowhere. So, just be warned if you got a heavy foot as I do… 25 is rough. 


So, Pro number three, there’s lots to do in the surrounding area. There’s hunting, fishing, boating if you’re an outdoorsman or woman. You can float the river in Boise. There’s just a ton of stuff to do. There’s The Bruneau Dunes that you can go check out. You can ride on your quad, whatever. 


The Con there is the opposite is in town, there’s not a lot to do. They are building across from the Walmart here in town so, maybe they’re adding more to do. But as of right now, we have a bowling alley, restaurants and even that’s slim. And the rest is escaping me. Oh, golf course, we have a golf course. And a driving range on that. But that’s about it. We used to have a movie theater in town twice… three times, and it’s gone out of business. A friend of mine owns the bowling alley, and it’s excellent; it’s just they’re not open all the time. It’s not like a typical bowling alley that’s open from 10 in the morning until ten at night. There are specific hours. It’s not open in Summer. I believe they’re building a new Rec Center, but I’m not 100% sure. So, know that you might be traveling to do a lot of your recreational things.


So, pro number four is the Air Force Appreciation Day, which unfortunately has been canceled for this year. But, usually, it’s a cool deal. The whole town comes out. There are vendors, and there are just all kinds of things. There’s a parade. Just a cool thing that the entire town comes out and checks out. 


The con is that there are not many places to park on that particular day. There are just so many people from all over. If you enjoy walking, that’s great. There are places where you can park. We have our green belt, which we’ll have to talk about in another video, but it’s a place where you can recreational walk for I believe it’s two and a half miles and maybe further now. So, there’s parking there. There’s parking here and there, but that’s still kind of a ways away, on the Air Force Appreciation Day or even other city events, sometimes it’s a little tough to get parking.


Pro number five is the housing is very affordable compared to Boise, here in Mountain Home. Compared to much of the country, the housing is very, very affordable. 


The Con, what is affordable to most people, here in town, has gone up quite a bit. What I mean by that is, for instance, my nephew got his home for $70,000 about five years ago, and now, when I ran comps on his home, we were looking at about $170,000. So, in five years, it’s gone up about a hundred thousand. A lot of people, if they hear about a three-bedroom, two-bath house, even if it’s a 1950s build, $170,000 is affordable. So, it’s all about your perspective, and your situation of whether or not Mountain Home will be super cheap or not. We’re still at the place now that $300,000 will give you a lovely house, there again depending on your perception. But, it is a great place right now, financially, if you’re especially moving from a higher-end place. You have a little money to play with when coming in. As I talked about before, the con would be if you lived in Mountain Home for many years, the price is probably seeming high to you, not affordable because the cost has gone up so much. So, keep that in mind that we are experiencing a lot of growth, which affects some people who have been here for a long time. Once again, it all depends on your perception or your financial situation coming into Mountain Home, Idaho.


Finally, kind of a bonus pro, and I touched on it earlier, they are building something across from the Mountain Home Walmart here. They’re working on something, and I’ve heard rumors, but I don’t want to go into what I’ve heard. I don’t necessarily believe some of them, but they’re building something, so fingers crossed that it’s something fantastic! So we’ll find out as they continue to develop. But as of right now, I’m just excited to see what could be. Hopefully, there’s some entertainment type stuff there, and I know they did build or open a family fun center Mountain Home. I haven’t been to it yet to give you my two cents on it, but that is also here. So, I guess that’s

a double bonus, if you will. 


Anyways, what do you think? Did I leave something out? Maybe I can add it in part two of living in Mountain Home, Idaho pros and cons. Let me know if there’s anything that I left out. And if you’d like a complimentary copy of the relocation guide for the treasure valley, please click, and then you just put in your email address. It’s not going to cover Mountain Home, but it does cover the Boise area, and I’m working on Mountain Home. I just haven’t gotten it out yet. But, some people are looking at Mountain Home, they’re also looking at Boise and that maybe you so, if that is you, or if you’re just curious, please click on the link, and you just put in your email address and contact information, and you’ll get that download, and then you can check it out!


Once again, I’m Randy with NextHome Treasure Valley. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for reading this.