The Weather in Mountain Home, Idaho

Hey guys, this is Randy here with NextHome Treasure Valley. I’m a Realtor® in the Mountain Home and Boise area. Thanks for stopping by. This week we’re going to be talking about the beautiful weather here in Mountain Home, Idaho. I know that’s a bold statement to say. Why is it beautiful? Well, in my opinion, because we have all four seasons. I know everybody does. But, I mean, we have all four seasons. Our summers are hot, our winters are cold, and then our spring and autumn are lovely. The fall here is gorgeous. You feel it in the air, and it’s terrific. The winters here are also beautiful when the snow’s all over, and it prettifies the town. Prettify, that’s a word. But, it is pretty dry here in Mountain Home. Our average rainfall is about 12 inches a year, and compared to the US, the average rainfall is about 38 inches, so it’s a drier climate. 



Summers here can get pretty warm. We have a few days over 100 degrees, but the average temperature here in the Summer in Mountain Home, Idaho, is about 93 degrees. It can get hot here, but not too bad. The good thing about the summers we have here is there are lots to do out there. There’s a public pool in Mountain Home. Usually, you’re not going to know too many people that own a swimming pool, unless it’s like an above ground pool. But, there’s lakes and rivers all around, there’s lots of stuff to do when the weather does get warmer. 


What about the dreaded winter months? The winters here can get a little cold. I’m not going to lie, and it does snow. The average winter temperature in January is about 23 degrees. We’re below freezing, and it’s kind of funny because at the beginning of winter, the first time it hits 32 degrees, it’s like ouch! Like oh my gosh! It’s getting cold, and then by a month in, like 32 degrees is like a warm day. Like you’re out there sweating. We don’t get a lot below zero. We only get about two days a year, on average, that is below zero. Of course, some years get more than others. We do get snowfall. Many people ask about the snow, and honestly, it depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re coming from a place that gets no snow at all, it might be a little overwhelming, but if you’re coming from a place like Green Bay, Wisconsin, where it snows all the time, you probably won’t even notice the snow here. It’s so mild. We get about 15 inches a year and compare that to the average in The United States, about 28 inches. It’s not bad at all. Before I was a Realtor® full time, I traveled between Mountain Home to Boise every day, which is about 30 to 40 miles, and there was only a couple of days a year that I even had to worry about the drive. And then a lot of people around here talk about Snowmageddon! That was the winter of 2016 to 2017, and when Boise experienced about 39 inches in snow that year. The sixth snowiest on the record sounds terrible until you realize that that is just right around the national average. That goes to show you, what we call Snowmageddon here in Idaho, really wasn’t that much bigger than the national average. That’s a good thing if you’re not someone who likes to drive in the snow or is a little worried that our snow’s not that bad. 


And then after the snow goes away, the Spring and Fall are just absolutely fantastic here. You have a very distinct Spring and Fall. Lately, I’ve been feeling the Fall kind of start coming out. Still summer, but there have been a couple of days where you start feeling that colder weather, and there’s, there’s, there’s a feeling in the air you get when that fall comes and then by the time, you know, October hits, and Halloween. It’s just a wonderful feeling. It can get a little windy here also. Between February 4th to January 29th, the average wind speed is about 7.5 miles per hour. Which doesn’t sound that bad, but we do get, of course, those vast gusts that come in. You know the 30s plus mile per hour winds. During the colder seasons, sometimes that wind can make a little bit chillier, of course. But usually, it’s not too bad. 


If you’d like to know more about Mountain Home, check out the video here, the pros and cons of Mountain Home, Idaho. Thank you for stopping by, and we’ll see you next Friday. Thank you.